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Company Profile-
Myskyfly Travel and Tourism is the Parent Company of Myskyfly Aviation Training Academy where we are committed to providing a professional service to our customers, ensuring they benefit from our experience, unique style and energy. A highly visible, independent and progressive travel Company, we aim to make a difference in everything we do. Difference having clearly stated and promoted values within our organization, by which all team members are held accountable, is the key to our business.
These values form the framework within which all major decisions are made, and they provide a strong benchmark and sounding board against which, any potential disagreement or conflict may ultimately be measured and resolved. Myskyfly Aviation Training Academy is a new concept in the field of Aviation and Management Studies. We provide professional job-oriented courses that enable aspirants to kick-off an exciting career in aviation and hospitality industry. Our Team members are industry experts and senior professionals who have hands on experience working with leading airlines and aviation enterprises.
Our aim is to offer outstanding educational programs which allow students to develop their creative, analytical, communication and critical thinking skills in a collaborative, nurturing environment. We have merged personality and confidence building lessons in our curriculum to boost the overall character and charisma of the participant of our programs. We have thrived for the past decade on the fulcrum of imparting knowledge & skills to groom our students into Qualified Professionals.
We’ve always stayed ambitious & responsible to this Education Industry. We focus to create value for our students through their discipline, dedication & knowledge. We elevate them both personally & professionally by being their driving force.
Our ambitious & responsible Trainers focus on opening a Spectacular Future for our studentsbylaunchingthemintotherespectivefieldstheyhaddreamttoenterthrough their Professionaltraining. Myskyfly Aviation Training Academy has a motto of “Power is gained by sharing knowledge, nothoardingit “
Course Director – Profile
Name: Prem kumar raja Arumukam
Has more than 15 years of experience in service and 12 years in Aviation Industry played various roles includes customer Co – ordination, Business relationship, Training,etc.… and also been appointed in various stages of customer service-oriented life cycle to ensure customer satisfaction.

Educational Qualification :
Currently Pursuing Master of Tourism Management inIGNOU.
PostGraduatedfromAnnaUniversity,Coimbatorein MasterofBusiness Administration.
GraduatefromMaduraiKamarajarUniversityinBachelorofTourism&Hotel Management.
Diploma from International Airlines Academy in Airlines &Travel Management (IATA&UFTAABased).
Certificate in Catering & Hotel Management with CIICP, Tamilnadu Polytechnic College, Madurai.